Custom Fitness Software Development Services

Packed with rich features our custom fitness software development services ensure that the requirements to stay fit are fulfilled in the most satisfying way.

Exercise Tracking Software Development Solutions

Now physical activities could easily be tracked with the help of our exercise tracking software development solutions and every step you take and every calorie that gets burned can be easily monitored. In this way we provide solutions to businesses belonging to the fitness industry.

Social Networking App Development Solutions for Fitness Niche

We create platforms for fitness enthusiasts to connect, share experiences, and also motivate each other. As a leading fitness software development company, Weavers Web Solutions excels in the development of fine social networking apps meant for the fitness niche.

Diet Planning App Development Solutions

Our diet planning app development solutions help users to get an accurate idea about the amount of calorie taken as input, plan their diet accordingly and also helps users to follow a proper balanced diet. Businesses are benefitted to a great extent by our solutions.

Mental Wellness Software Development Solutions

We build software solutions that focus on the mental aspect of fitness by incorporating features such as meditation guides, stress-relief exercises, and sleep trackers. These apps aim to promote overall well-being and mental resilience along with physical fitness.

Custom Fitness Application Features

Easy Registration

Users can register easily by securely inserting all the personal information, the goals to be achieved while progressing in the journey to stay fit, and other important information.

Exercise Plans

Users can create plans for different workouts and engage themselves for fruition of the same. Plans can be chalked out for exercises which could include cardio exercises and so on.

Tracking of Progress

Our software solutions help users to track their progress, measure various details like gain or loss of weight, and ensure that the improvements made are successfully monitored.

Monitoring Diet

Various details associated with diet tracking are maintained. Recommendations depending upon the goals of fitness can be given and this further would ensure a progressive journey.


Our solutions pave the way for sharing of thoughts and ideas, making the best use of the connections to encourage others for pursuing the path of fitness.

Efficient Technology

Our software solutions make use of cutting-edge technologies and redefines the way to stay fit in all situations. They deliver the best results possible.


Tools & Technologies We Use

Tools Sketch Axure Invision Photoshop Illustrator Dreamweaver Figma
Technologies HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript RWD JSON Bootstrap Tailwind CSS
Frameworks Laravel Wordpress React Native CodeIgniter Angular Swift Magento

Engagement Models

Weavers Web Solutions Pvt. Ltd. provides a variety of development and support service plans to work with and gives you the flexibility to choose the best-suited one for you.

Agile Process

We excel in rendering agile software development services for startups and this begins in the initial stages of development where the full product ownership is taken up by us.

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Team as a Service 

Pre-screened resources are provided in the form of an independent team or to add the required members to your already existing team.

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Fixed Price Based

In this model where a fixed price is maintained, the different requirements of the project are documented in the product requirements document or PRD format.

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Our Portfolio

Why choose us

You can be rest assured of the fact that your project has been handed over to the right and safe hands. We take care of every minute detail while handling a project and our expert team with their expertise at their fingertips give every project solution that we undertake the most coveted fine touch.


We always come up with countless innovative ideas making things simple and efficient.


We work with niche technologies like IOT, Blockchain, NFT, AI, ML, AR/VR.


We have served 1000+ happy clients across different industries.


We have a large QA team to ensure that the applications we build are of the highest quality.


We provide a wide range of service models at an affordable price.


We believe in long-term relationships and collaborate with our clients as technology partners.


We have a fast global support team which is active 18/5.


One-stop shop for complete digital solutions that reduce costs, and enables entire project ownership.


The cost of the fitness software solution depends entirely on the complexity of the project, the features to be added and other factors. However we could assure you that the price that best fits your project requirements is offered by us.

Fitness enthusiasts shall be the ones who would be benefited the most. Feature-rich applications shall cater to the needs of everyone who are interested to take their fitness journey a step further ahead.

Yes, we provide post development maintenance services and our experts are adept in resolving every issue that might arise after the product has been developed and delivered.

The time required to build the fitness software solution depends on the software that is being built. The complexity of the project, the scope of the project and other factors determine the time required for the project.

Progress tracking, planning the diet, recommending appropriate meal to stay fit, measuring important parameters like weight are some of the important features that could be included in the software solution.

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