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Agile Development Process

We excel in rendering agile software development services for startups and this begins in the initial stages of development where the full product ownership is taken up by us. We ensure that the MVP gets launched within a span of a few months.


Useful Feedback

Flexibility is ensured at every step of this process of development as feedback of users can be taken into account almost at every stage of development. The output that gets generated at various phases can undergo the testing process with the user.


Developing As Per Feedback

Product market fit is successfully achieved by means of iterative development. This process of development is based on the feedback from the users. The potential customers are involved in the process of sustaining the growth as well as profitability of the product through buying and spreading the information about the product.


We allocate a team for the successful development and implementation of the project and this team consists of designers, developers and a product manager.

Project Manager

Our project manager performs several functions and the most notable ones are:

  • Collection of information about the requirements of the client.
  • Distributes work as per need to the designers and the developers.
  • Holds meetings to discuss the progress.
  • Client meetings are also held.


The developers are responsible for the entire development process, which includes following the standard development process and conducting testing procedures.


The UI designer is responsible for creating UI designs and mockups. The designer also collaborates with the product manager to discuss the various product requirements.

Team Lead

The responsibilities of the team lead are associated with reviewing code, addressing challenges that might arise, and participating in the design of the architecture.

Team as a Service

We provide pre-screened resources in the form of an independent team or to add the required members to your existing team.


Proficient Designers and Developers

We follow a strict recruitment procedure and select the best resources for you. Additionally, we conduct efficient training procedures to ensure that you get resources with perfectly polished skills.


Scale As Per Demand

We provide on-demand scaling that is associated with the size of the team required for the development and implementation of the project. This means the team size can be scaled up or down based on the project’s needs or demands.

How do we do?

When startups or enterprises have clear goals and targets for their project, we recommend hiring our efficient developers, who are sure to contribute to the project's success.

Efficient Hiring

You could hire our developers as per your requirement and the reasons for that are as follows:

  • Expansion of your development team to meet the demands that keep growing revolving around development of software.
  • With a view to boost the capabilities of your team that already exists by adding members associated with different tech stack 
  • New projects could be launched with our developers and tech leads for efficient execution
  • Your team could be scaled for a short span or for a medium-period time span for the purpose of development, speed acceleration and meeting timelines steadily.

Dedicated Team

You require a team of developers together with a product manager for the purpose of taking the team forward and the reasons could be:

  • Instead of managing on a day-to-day basis, you require a dedicated team working for you and you could ensure the execution of a high-level plan
  • You want to avoid the procedures of recruitment, training or a management of an in-house team
  • You require the scaling up of resources as per the demands of the project.

Fixed Price Based

In the fixed-price model, the project's various requirements are documented in the Product Requirements Document (PRD) format. These requirements remain unchanged over time in this fixed-price model.


Relevant Products

This model is suitable for building simple products, such as landing pages and WordPress sites. 


No Variable Costs

There is no need to worry about variable costs, as the cost remains fixed throughout the process in this type of model.

When to choose this model?

When the project price is fixed, and the project requirements remain unchanged over time, it is advisable to choose the fixed price-based model.

Appropriate Scope

It is best to choose the fixed price based model when the various requirements and specifications of the project shall not undergo any kind of changes. Certainty is provided with respect to budget as well as timelines. 

No Additional Costs

If you are on the lookout for a process or model where minimal or no changes would be involved during the entire process of development of the project then it would be best to go in for a fixed price based model where the chances of additional costs does not arise. 

Projects of Different Sizes

Fixed price based models are well suited for small to medium-sized projects where the project scope is defined accurately as it offers straightforward methods and also a clean forecast about the costs can be easily determined. 


In case you need to have a budget that is predetermined and you have got some restrictions associated with costs, then you should be benefited by the fixed price based model to a great extent. 

Clear Project Goals

When you are clear with the specifications of the project and have the requisite details meant for designing and development processes then the apt option would be a fixed price based model. 

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