Arrow Movement

A 30-minute fitness program focusing on full-body workout which can be done from anywhere

Dynamism Defined

A great way to build a healthy lifestyle. Great exercises now at your fingertips.

Easy Measurement

Knowing where you stand should be easy with statistics to do the performance measurement for you.

Efficient Management

Management of your performance should no longer pose a problem with arrow movement by your side.

New Ways to Boost Performance

Arrow Movement has developed fine ways so as to relieve you from boredom and add enthusiasm as you go about refining your fitness journey.

Core Features

The most important features of the website are here as follows:

30-Minute Full-Body Workouts

High-intensity routines using bodyweight, focusing on endurance, strength, and flexibility.

Dynamic Exercise Selection

Workouts include plyometrics, calisthenics, yoga, and other functional movements.

Daily Workouts

New routines available daily, promoting consistent fitness engagement.

Progress Tracking

Users can input workout scores, track performance, and monitor fitness improvement over time.

Personal Profiles

Members create profiles to store statistics and connect with the community.

Tier System

Progress through levels by achieving objectives, earning rewards, and unlocking more challenging workouts.



The much impressive and captivating visuals of the website are here as follows:

Technologies Used

We have used some of the finest technologies to give the perfect shape to the website.

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