The World Witnesses Yet Another Innovation And The Story Of Super-Apps Continues

The world is abiding by the rule of digitization. The new trend is revolving around the evolution of apps and that is where the story of super-apps begins. The main idea that is associated with super-apps is that they hold the capacity to perform almost everything unlike regular apps which perform only a specific function.

The Predictions

Uber, Paypal, Spotify all are in support of the concept of Super-app. It has been predicted that more than 50% of the population of the world will be using multiple super-apps on a regular basis by the year 2027.

The Services

Super-apps provide all-in-one services so long as mobile apps are concerned. Super-apps are so designed that they help in assembling all the different apps that are needed for the mundane activities. It gets much easier for users as all the much needed information becomes available in one particular place. The need to download different apps for performing different tasks does not arise. Consolidation of services together with features as well as functions of different mobile applications into a single app is the underlying idea that drives the development of super-apps.

Some Benefits

Super-apps are built out of mini programs which are actually lightweight apps. They run inside the main application. The mini programs need not be downloaded from the app store. This is precisely the reason as to why the super-apps can individually perform multiple tasks. Also to add to the benefits of supperapps, users prefer a single over a number of individual apps to save the storage space in their smartphones.

The Integrations

Most of the super-apps in use offer a number of facilities like delivery services, transportation services, financial services, messaging options, ecommerce services. Yet some other super-apps are adding services like booking an appointment with the doctor, making an application for the visa and the list of the mini programs goes on. All of these services are provided in a single platform and users get to have a frictionless experience while they are switching from one option to another.

The Resemblance

Super-apps are a perfect fit for the growing nation that is endorsing digitization. Super-apps resemble swiss army knives that serve several purposes and help in the creation of user experience that is better and more tailored. A study reveals the fact that 15 super-apps that have gained popularity have been downloaded for more than 4.6 billion times round the globe and the number of active users on a monthly basis have reached a total of 2.68 billion.

The Preferences

Big corporations like Walmart have already begun their work on the development of super-apps especially for their workforce after consolidation and replacement of processes that have become outdated. Super-apps were preferred over the normal apps as the degree of complexity is more in case of normal apps and also various issues are faced associated with the adoption of the apps. However in case of super-apps, an experience is gathered which is streamlined and the process of using it is simpler, efficient as well as effective.

Revolut, a financial technology company, with its headquarters in London has developed a super-app that is already providing banking services to around 20 million users. Users as well as corporations have expressed their interest in the concept of super-apps. Today companies are on the lookout for new ways for the purpose of leveraging mobile experiences to meet up with the various needs of the user.

The IT Scenario

In the field of Information Technology, Super-apps have bagged in the place it deserves. They are being used to create a more engaging experience. The use of Super-apps leads to the enhancement of the functioning of the mobile operating system where the time required for the completion of specific tasks can be reduced which in turn increases the net productivity.

It is one of those rare circumstances where the West has become a follower of the East. Uber has shown its inclination to become a super-app with its acquisition of Careem. Airbnb is also following the same suit.

The Global Story

Statistical study shows that on a global basis, one in three people are users of super-app. 72% of users across the United Kingdom, United States, Germany and Australia have shown keen interest in the usage of super-apps. Around 90% of the people who were surveyed were motivated by the convenience that the supe-rapp offers. In the United Kingdom, users are inclined more towards using the super-app of PayPal instead of the banking apps. Consumers are preferring the integration of the services of travel, entertainment and shopping into a super-app. However, the concerns of the consumers revolving around the security of data while using a super-app should not be avoided.


The very concept of a super-app has been able to create enough impact on a worldwide basis. Big corporations are gradually giving way to the development of super-apps. A good percentage of people around the globe are preferring to use super-app and are desiring that various services like that of travel, entertainment, shopping and lots more be added to a super-app. Hence the worth of super-app is proven.

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