The Technology with the X-factor – Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are in the process of being developed by some of the leading technology companies like Google, Amazon and also IBM. There is an urgent need to develop quantum computers as there are hardly any except Google’s Sycamore computer. It is believed that quantum computing shall be the century’s most significant as well as coveted technology.

The Technology Behind

Quantum technology is that which promises to bring with it new scope and opportunities that will redefine our future possibilities. Unlike classical computing, quantum computing is different in its way of functioning. Quantum computing uses quantum bits for calculations and storage of information. A qubit is one that can handle complex problems and large calculations that modern-day powerful supercomputers are unable to deal with.

The Industries that Benefits from Quantum Computing

Quantum computing holds the power to boost up the technology behind artificial intelligence, face the challenges of complex problems on optimization, and throw light over the processes associated with chemical as well as molecular interactions. Technological advancements like quantum computing pave the way for new discoveries in the scientific world, create scope in the pharmaceutical world and lead to the making of life saving drugs. It could also bring about improvements in the field of finance and logistics and supply chain processes.

The Encryption Factor

The modern day techniques of encryption might be at risk due to the fact that quantum computing is capable enough to break the codes of encryption and this might put the national security at risk. Confidential data associated with the defence of the country can easily be decrypted and this might pose a serious threat to the country’s security. Therefore it is necessary to enhance the encryption techniques.

India and Quantum

It is the need of the hour for India to gear up and take necessary steps to keep up with the technological advancements that are taking place round the world revolving around quantum technology.

Recent initiatives by the government of India in the field of quantum computing included setting up of projects and programs to deal with the rapidly growing industry of quantum technology.

The Quantum Information Science and Technology program looks forward to bringing in new developments to foster the process of progress associated with the advancement of the technology of quantum computing.

Another program in line is the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications which aims for the development of quantum computers with sensors, quantum clocks, and a quantum communication system that is a highly secured one. Quantum key distribution (QKD) systems shall also be included which will turn long distance quantum communication into reality by making use of QKD in satellites as well as fibres. A quantum computing laboratory has been set up by the Indian Army together with an AI centre in Madhya Pradesh. The government of India has plans to make huge investments for the purpose of building quantum technologies. There are instances where it can be seen that India is moving slowly but steadily to match its steps with those of the international players surrounding the development of the technology of quantum.

The World and Quantum

Worldwide developments are taking place to take the technology of quantum computing a step further ahead. Aerospace engineering, prediction of weather, secure and safe communications, cyber security, manufacturing in an advanced level, financial transactions, agriculture and also health are the different sectors where India hopes to bring in breakthroughs so far the technology of quantum computing is concerned. US, UK, Japan all have started on their journey to boost up programs in quantum computing.


Quantum computing is the talk of the hour and the entire world is taking the necessary steps to stay ahead in the process of progressive development of quantum computing. Though in the nascent stages, quantum computing hopes to bring in breakthroughs in the scientific world by its power of solving complex problems which traditional computing fails to achieve.


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