Kora Outdoor

Built to provide access to some of the world’s greatest woollen outfits.

Apparel for both men and women

Clothes that satisfy both men and women requirements are precisely the products of kora.

Finest quality clothing

Finest products designed to exceed the expectations of the users.

Suitable for travelling

The products of kora are made to be the perfect fit for the adventurous travellers.

Made from eco-friendly products

The products are so made that it never harms the environment.

Core Features

The most important features of the website are here as follows:

Captivating Visual Experience

The website is provided with great images that immerses the user into the world of woollen garments.

Easy to Navigate

The website was designed to ensure that the users are able to navigate easily through it.

Great User Experience

A great user experience is what awaits everyone who visits the website.

Appreciable Design

The website has got a responsive design and it is compatible across all devices.

Engaging Content

The website uses short, precise and engaging content which easily holds the attention of its users.

Call to Action

The call to action buttons have been placed perfectly to let users purchase their favourite clothes in a convenient way.



The much impressive and captivating visuals of the website are here as follows:

Technologies Used

We have used some of the finest technologies to give the perfect shape to the website.

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