Food delivery and grocery services have become essential components of modern urban lifestyles. However, many platforms lack offerings that cater to specific culinary preferences, such as African-Caribbean cuisine. The Afroqliq App was developed to bridge this gap by providing a user-friendly platform for ordering authentic African-Caribbean takeaway and groceries.


Takeaway Ordering

Allows users to browse menus of local African-Caribbean restaurants, place orders, and schedule deliveries.

Grocery Shopping

Offers a curated selection of African-Caribbean groceries that users can order for delivery or pickup.

Pickup Service

Provides the option for users to pick up their orders directly from the restaurant or store.


Enables users to customize their orders according to dietary preferences and requirements.

Secure Payments

Facilitates secure payment processing for orders, ensuring user convenience and safety.

key benefits

Key Achievements

Cultural Representation

Fills a gap in the market by offering a dedicated platform for African-Caribbean cuisine and groceries.


Provides users with an easy and convenient way to order their favorite dishes and groceries.

Local Businesses

Supports local African-Caribbean restaurants and stores by connecting them with a broader customer base.


Offers an authentic experience for users seeking traditional African-Caribbean flavors.

Challenges and Recommendations:Challenges and Recommendations:

Quality Control

Ensuring consistency in the quality of food and groceries across different restaurants and stores.

Market Expansion

Expanding the app's reach to cover a wider geographical area while maintaining quality service.


Implementing environmentally friendly practices, such as eco-friendly packaging, to align with consumer preferences.


Technologies Used





Payment Gateway




The Afroqliq App stands as a testament to the power of technology in catering to diverse culinary preferences. By providing a platform that offers authentic African-Caribbean food and groceries, the app enriches the lives of users seeking traditional flavors and ingredients.

In conclusion, the Afroqliq App’s commitment to cultural representation, convenience, and supporting local businesses reflects its dedication to transforming the African-Caribbean food and grocery market. As it addresses challenges and continues to refine its services, the app is poised to play a pivotal role in reshaping how consumers access and enjoy their favorite cuisines.

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