How The Combination of AR and Mobile Applications Is Helping The World Out

The technology of Augmented Reality is one that succeeds in augmenting one’s reality by making a fine blend between the real world and that of the digital. Unlike Virtual Reality, the motive of which is to actually absorb someone using the technology into the three-dimensional sphere or environment, it is the task of the technology of AR or Augmented Reality to fit in the digital information with the real video or image. It thus does not alter the actual environment.

Augmented Reality is being widely used due to the fact that this technology can be experienced with only a smartphone in hand. VR or Virtual Reality on the other hand demands the use of special equipment. With AR technology, the users get to experience the co-existence of the virtual object right there with them in the real or physical world.

Augmented Reality is finding use in the gaming industry as well as in the ecommerce sector. In matters of shopping, getting to see the photos of the product is a common thing. However with AR technology, the shopper can actually get the feeling as to where the product actually is fitting in, like for instance, while shopping for a  chair, the buyer can actually see how the chair fits in the room. This is exactly what the IKEA Place app is doing. With the help of this app, customers can virtually fit the furniture in the different places around their home. This way customers can ensure that the product they are about to buy is ideal for their home.

Starbucks had put up a good example of advertising the brand by means of their app that displays animation characters when the camera of the customer is directed towards the cup of coffee. It is a strategy used by the company to enhance customer experience by developing a bond that is interactive between the customer and the brand. When used for the purpose of creativity, AR can increase the chances of purchase. Customers get motivated to use a particular mobile application of a brand when it has entertaining content in it. AR experiences in a new and unique way helps to surprise both customers as well as competitors who have little or no knowledge about the particular trend yet.

In the field of education, the technology of Augmented Reality is helping students to understand concepts in a better way. It helps in making the process of learning more efficient as well as engaging. The scope of interaction is enhanced. For instance, with the help of the application of AR, students can get the chance of viewing a three dimensional galaxy on their very tablets. The AR app has paved the way for elementary schools to give students an interactive experience while gaining knowledge at the same time.

AR has made things go simple when it comes to matters of construction and manufacturing. The technology helps to accelerate the various processes at the factories. It helps in the demonstration of various sites of construction by the engineers and also enables them to share their views. Monitoring of the work that is in progress is enabled by AR markers. A lot of time gets saved and also the entire process of understanding is made simpler with the help of plans and maps that are digitised. AR glasses with its real-time data  has made it easier for field workers to bring about enhancement in the accuracy and quality of work.

It has been a long time now that Augmented Reality apps have entered the very sphere of our daily lives and have redefined several aspects. As per statistical study, a good percentage of people, around 48% are using the AR app or are planning to use it to try out various products and services. Predictions reflect upon the fact that the revenue revolving the AR app development shall touch the $27.4 billion mark by the year 2023.

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