How Big Data and Machine Learning Together Are Bringing In Significant Transformations

The fact that Big Data has been the force behind the success story of many technology giants is no longer a secret. However the problem arises when companies try to process and extract information from the huge amount of collected or stored data. Efficient management of the data that is collected is the big challenge that companies today are facing.

Data and Machine Learning

This is exactly the place where machine learning comes in handy. For machine learning, data is considered to be a boon. The more the data, the better it is for the machine or system as it learns and gets trained to function in a more refined manner for the businesses. Hence it is logical for companies to use machine learning for big data analytics.

Big Data, Analytics and Machine Learning

Big Data is all about large sets of data that may be structured or unstructured and which cannot be handled by using traditional methods. Big data analytics refers to the processes that help uncover the trends, correlations as well as patterns in the huge amounts of data to help make decisions that are driven by data. This process gets accelerated by machine learning with the help of algorithms that foster the process of decision making. Categorization of incoming data, recognition of patterns and translation of data into proper insights can be done by the machine learning algorithms.

The Target Audience

The target audience happens to be the fundament of any business. Every business needs to understand the market and the audience which it should target and this is important for its success. Hence market research holds enough importance. This shall enable businesses to understand the current demands of the market and the target audience and also help in providing useful data. Supervised and unsupervised algorithms can be used by machine learning for the purpose of interpretation of the behaviour of consumers. The tactics of machine learning are used by the entertainment industry for the purpose of understanding the likes as well as the dislikes of the audience and this helps them to reach out to the audience with the right content.

Suggesting the Best out of the Rest

Machine learning does not draw a full stop after getting a picture of the audience. It helps in the exploration of the behaviour of the target audience. This process of machine learning is involved with the mining of data that helps to get a better understanding of the minds of the user which in turn helps to make significant decisions revolving the use of the product or the services. Tech giants like Google, Facebook and Twitter make use of this particular process of machine learning which is known by the name of user modelling to get to know their users thoroughly and provide appropriate suggestions.

Recommendation Engines

Personalization has become an important facet of all business operations and it is extremely important to provide the same to customers. The business could be associated with any product or service like that of a smartphone or any entertainment service, establishment of strong connections with customers is an important aspect of any business which facilitates the rendering of the correct service by the business. The combination of machine learning and big data can be put to use in the development of recommendation engines. Such a technology is used to give users an assistance in selecting the best option out of the many that the service provides and that is based on the online activities of the users. The likes and dislikes are taken into consideration and the appropriate recommendations to the user are made. This way suggestions are made as per the interests of the users.

Learning the Trends and giving Forecasts

The algorithms of machine learning make use of big data to learn the different trends that might occur in the future and accordingly provide appropriate forecasts for businesses. The interconnectedness of computers enables the algorithms of machine learning to learn new things on their own and this brings about an improvement in their analytical skills. This makes them more efficient and they just not perform calculations but also helps in giving a shape to the future by making use of the experiences of the past.

Known by the name of time-series analysis, machine learning makes use of this technique for the analysis of an array of data taken together. It happens to be a great tool when it comes to aggregation and making an analysis of data which makes it easier for the management to make future decisions. Retailers in particular can benefit from this method and make future predictions with laudable accuracy.

A Boon to the Industries

Data deciphered can prove to be of immense help especially in industries like that of healthcare which have to deal with huge amounts of data and demand proper analysis. Machine learning techniques help in the identification of diseases in the initial stages. Better management of various patient services is obtained by machine learning by several functions like analysis of past reports which could be pathological reports or other health reports and also disease histories. Machine Learning can help improve the processes of diagnoses and also give a boost to medical research and development.


The combination of big data and machine learning shall continue to create their success stories in the different fields like healthcare, retail and so on. When applied in the correct manner, they can give results that can drive development to boundaries never thought or imagined of. Thus it is now essential to make judicious use of the dual technologies of big data and machine learning.

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