Getting to know the Recent Trends in the Design World

Back in the olden days it was the responsibility of the web designers to build all the software products. As time elapsed, the design industry matured to give new terms which are known by the name of user interface or UI and user experience or UX.

The two most important aspects of web development and design are user interface and user experience design practices. UI or user interface design is associated with the design as well as the layout of the pages of the website. UX or user experience, as the name suggests is associated with the experience of the users of those pages of the website. In cases where the user interface and the user experience works well, it makes way for easy handling of the website and hence gives a pleasant experience while using the website.

User Experience deals with the process of interaction that goes on between the user and the product or service. UX design takes into consideration every element that takes part into shaping this particular experience, it considers the feeling that is imparted to the user, it also measures the degree of easiness with which the user is able to complete the tasks and get the desired results.

User Interface manages the visual experience of the user. When the user interface works in a successful way, it guarantees reliability as well as it provides enjoyment while using. The user interface should be designed in a way so that it reduces the effort which the user has to give while making interactions with the product.

It is up to the UX designer to bring about proper integration of the product. This includes various aspects associated with branding, and design and also with the functionality. The use to which the product is to be put is kept in mind. A UX designer seeks to answer the question which revolves around the ways in which the interaction between user and the product can be made to be more pleasant as well as smooth.

In case of user experience, the designer has no option of controlling the way in which a person perceives the product or provides responses. However the designer has control over the behaviour of the product and also the very looks of it.

A good user interface design is extremely critical when the success of the product is concerned. User-centred design is used to gain knowledge about the target audience and this is done to take care of the fact that the visual language that gets introduced in the UI suits them in a well-defined manner. It becomes difficult to use a product in the absence of proper user interface design.

The difference between the main focus of UI and UX is that UI has its focus over the elements of the visual interface like for instance menu bars, colours and many more. UX has its main focus over the user and the ways in which the user goes about with the product.

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