Ethics To Play An Important Role In The Use Of AI

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should and this is applicable when it comes to dealing with artificial intelligence. It so happens that our dependence on AI in our mundane lives is increasing with each passing day and we tend to overlook the threat it could pose to mankind. It might seem far-fetched but what if AI has some destructive effects over humanity. It is high time that we consider the steps that need to be taken to bring about the ethical development and we should also not forget to learn from the mistakes made in the past and that is how we shall be able to get a proper forecast of the future. 

The World and AI

Looking behind, we see that AI has gained enough popularity in the industry. Google and Facebook are taking steps forward in dealing with the advancements associated with machine learning. The world is witnessing innumerable changes with respect to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Yet we are not anywhere close to do anything about the concerns revolving around AI ethics. 

There are companies who are making use of the technology of artificial intelligence without having any kind of ethical guidelines which would take care of situations where the machine knows more than we humans understand. Hence it becomes essential to initiate the process of understanding the problems whenever the above mentioned situation arises and begin the process to protect humanity from being destroyed by artificial intelligence. 

It is important to discover ways and means to take care of the fact that AI does not begin to threaten human lives. Several systems based on AI like facial recognition are being used in the different sectors of which healthcare is one but it is not known what impacts the technology shall have on mankind in future. 

The Advancement Factor

With the continuous advancement of the technologies, our responsibilities to protect humanity should also have that advancement factor in it. It is crucial that we take ethical decisions in relation to our work, which could be in matters of research and development and ensure that machines and humans are just in their right states to perform their respective duties.     

The Importance of having the Control in Hand 

It is now for the first time that the power of processing data just like humans do is being given to machines by the technology of artificial intelligence. The pace at which machine learning is making progress is well beyond imagination. This could be kind of scary if the controls are not in the hands of us humans. 

The Controversy

AI has a lot of good things to give to the world like it is helping healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases, bringing innovations in the field of driving cars and also rendering helping hands in various other fields.    

Hence it is a debatable topic when it comes to AI. Decades have passed and people have continued with their argument about the impacts of AI on human lives and also the future of AI. In recent times, there have been many debates revolving around the way to ethically handle artificial intelligence.  

Final Thoughts

Ethics happens to be an essential part of human society. Similarly it should play the same important role in the world of technology and particularly AI. It becomes necessary to implement ethics in the execution of AI technology and ensure that we humans control machines and that the reverse does not become true in reality.

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