Be it ChatGPT or Bard – The Story Behind Sounds Almost Similar

In simple words, a computer program that holds the capability to process and also simulate the conversation of humans in either spoken or written medium and that enables humans to interact with the digital devices and it feels as if the interaction is going on with a real person is what the story of chatbot is all about. A chatbot can be simple where the simple program enables single-line response to simple queries. A chatbot can also be complex where it evolves and also learns to deliver results that reflect increased levels of personalization with continuous gathering and processing of information.

Chatbots are driven by artificial intelligence together with machine learning, natural language processing and automated rules. Primarily, chatbots are of two types.

The Types

Declarative or task-oriented chatbots are basically single-purpose programs whose focus is on performing a single type of function. It makes use of the technology of NLP or natural language processing, a small percentage of machine learning. The task of declarative chatbots is to generate responses that are conversational but are automated to queries raised by users. The type of interactions with these kinds of chatbots are specific ones and also structured and are applicable mostly to support different service functions. These chatbots are capable of handling common questions for instance queries about business hours, and things alike. The use of NLPs in case of declarative chatbots enables them to be used in a conversational way. However they are very basic in nature. These are the most common chatbots that are being used today.

Data-driven or predictive chatbots are also known by the name of digital or virtual assistants. They come with whole new features like interactivity, sophistication and also personalization. These chatbots make the maximum use of technologies like natural language processing, natural language understanding, and also machine learning. The chatbots apply predictive intelligence together with analytics for the purpose of enabling personalization on the basis of profiles of the user and behaviour of the user in the past. Digital assistants are known to learn the preferences of the user with time, give recommendations, and even help in the process of anticipation of various needs. They are also known to initiate conversations. Apple’s Siri and Amazon’s Alexa are examples of predictive chatbots.

The Benefits

Operational efficiency gets a boost and businesses get to experience cost savings as a result of chatbots. Besides that, chatbots play an active role in providing convenience together with added services to employees working within the organisation and also to external customers. Chatbots help in resolving various types of queries as well as issues of customers, thereby minimising the requirement of human interaction.

Chatbots possess the ability to serve innumerable customers and can be used as per the need of business. With the help of chatbots, businesses can now provide services that are personalised and in a human-like manner to a large number of people, all at the same time.

The Importance 

Digitization is taking over the entire world. With messaging applications gaining popularity, the very importance of chatbots is also growing. Chatbots that intelligently take part in conversation are changing the very ways in which businesses and customers communicate with each other.

The Tough Case

Personalised communication of businesses with customers without bearing the expenditures of hiring human resources for this purpose has been made possible by conversational chatbots. Most of the common questions can easily be answered by chatbots except for cases where the issue becomes too tough for the chatbot to handle. In such cases, the issue gets transferred to a live person. They are popularly known for saving time and money for businesses and for providing convenience to customers.


ChatGPT is a model that has been trained to interact like it happens in the case of a conversation. The dialogue format is such that it enables ChatGPT to reply to follow-up questions, admit the mistakes made by it, in case of incorrect premises can challenge, can also make rejections in case of requests that are inappropriate.


The AI chat service which is also conversational of Google has been given the name, Bard. The main difference between ChatGPT and Bard is that Google AI chat service shall get all its data through the internet. Otherwise both operate in a similar manner.

The Future

The combination of artificial intelligence and 5G technology shall add features to chatbots that are likely to be beneficial to businesses, customers as well as employees. Recommendations shall be made in a quicker and swifter manner, so shall predictions consume less time. Even high-definition video conference can be accessed while in a conversation. These and more features are yet to be added with the further development of the internet connectivity, machine learning, natural language processing and artificial intelligence.

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