WorkNigeria – Bridging the Employment Gap

In Nigeria, a nation with immense talent and an ever-growing workforce, the challenge has often been aligning job seekers with the right job opportunities.

Myeatpal – Tailored Tastes at Your Fingertips

The global demand for personalized dining experiences has been on the rise, driven by a combination of evolving dietary choices, health concerns, and personal preferences.

Litmethod Fitness App – Revolutionizing Low-Impact Workouts

In the booming digital health and fitness industry, many apps cater to high-intensity workouts, often overlooking the importance and benefits of low-impact exercises.


A creation to make it easier for medical professionals and patients to get access to the desirable medical technology without any kind of trouble and all with the help of AI.

Arrow Movement

An initiative to help people develop healthy habits by means of exercises, Arrow Movement is the way to ensure that your body stays fit without going to the gyms.

Breathe Technologies

Warehouse automation is now just a few steps away from you. Receive, pick, pack and dispatch goods in the finest way possible.


A wide range of privacy products is now here. Be it schools, or offices and universities, we have something for everyone.

Sunbrite TV

TVs that can withstand harsh climatic conditions and extremes of temperature have been built to satisfy your demands.

Callisto Rum

Introducing you to the first botanical rum of the world. A fine blending of the rich aroma of the flowers, the root, the bark, this fine drink is sure to pour the magic over your senses.

CatchApp – Streamlining Meeting Scheduling and Communication

CatchApp is a revolutionary meeting scheduling application that eliminates the hassle of coordinating meeting times and communication.

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