The Dynamic Landscape of Learning and The Evolving System of Education – The Role Played by Edtech

The industry of edtech or the fine fusion of technology and the education system brings before students and educators a platform, the fine utilisation of which ensures a great experience of learning. So let us see how it happens and the various ways in which edtech manages to fulfil the various educational objectives. 

When time and place do not stand as barriers 

When technology is incorporated into the traditional education system, the first advantage that can be considered is that a wider audience gets to gain access which implies that a greater number of students can reap the benefits out of this system. When educational content is made available over the internet, then the geographical barriers cannot hinder the path of progress. Thus knowledge can be gained from anywhere and at any time. 

Creation of an engaging environment 

To add to the benefits, edtech makes the learning system more interactive by the integration of innovative tools and technologies that intensify the engagement of students and educators and with solutions tailored to meet the needs of the participants of the edtech system, it ensures an enhanced learning process. 

Efficient assessment

The way students are assessed has also undergone transformations and today they receive the required feedback almost instantly. This is quite helpful as large gaps of time between the time of assessment and that of the results makes the entire process of learning quite inefficient. 

Clearing the concepts 

Today rich sources of information from which knowledge can be acquired are made available to students which they can access at their own free will and a proper internet connection makes all of it possible. Now the ebooks as well as video lectures are just a click away and clearing concepts is not as difficult as it might seem to be and such facilities were rare only in the recent past. 

Personalising the process of learning 

It so happens that the software that is built in the present age of digitisation actually follows the pace and style of learning of the student and the learning sessions are tailored as per the requirements of the student. This comes as a huge advantage because the way of learning varies from one student to another. Thus personalisation in the process of learning is achieved. 

Some great instances which adds glory to the edtech industry 

When it comes to discussing the edtech industry, there are a few instances of some great work done by an eminent software company known by the name of Weavers Web Solutions

ChatterFox – improving the speaking skills

ChatterFox was developed to help non-native speakers who keep struggling to get a good grip over the English language and be proficient speakers. The main aim of ChatterFox app was to ensure that these non-native speakers overcome the challenges associated with developing the skills to speak English fluently and the good news is it has managed to help many of its users and they have gradually with the assistance of this innovative app developed the skills and today they can speak English in a fluent way. 

Ustadhi – Enhancing the learning experience

Another masterpiece from Weavers Web Solutions is that of Ustadhi. It is a great platform that harnesses the power of technology to make the learning process an interactive one and renders an enriching experience to both educators as well as students. It has provisions for virtual classrooms, and makes the process of learning enjoyable with the inclusion of quizzes and games. It provides access to videos and textbooks as well as scholarly articles which proves to be of immense help to students. Real-time analytics can be accessed by both students and teachers and that paves the way for efficient making of improved decisions and that helps to enhance the outcomes of learning. Personalisation of the learning process is also made possible and users have the option to set their learning ways as per requirement.  

NotePal – Transforming the education system

NotePal was developed to provide a digital learning ecosystem that would cater to the needs of students as teachers and the demands of parents are also not left behind. There is a students portal, the aim of which is to empower students and they are also given access to a wide variety of educational content and students can collaborate with each other which gives them the scope to perform team work. The parent portal enables parents to communicate with other parents as well as teachers and they can also track the academic progress of their children and in this way they can also get involved with the education of their children. The teacher portal enables the collaboration of teachers belonging to different institutes and share their knowledge, ideas with one another and also mentor each other. There is also a leadership portal that empowers teams for the purpose of monitoring the progress of students, be instrumental in identifying gaps in learning and provide efficient solutions to sort problems out in the most efficient way. It is a great way to ensure improvement in the process of academic planning. 

The impact of the pandemic

The pandemic fostered the development of the edtech business to a great extent. The impact of the lockdown periods on students was such that they made the most of the edtech solutions to carry on with their studies. With the shutting down of schools and colleges, the only option that was left to students and educators was to use the internet as the medium and the only way out. Thus the expansion of the edtech business came into effect and custom elearning software development services began to gain ground. 

Replacing the traditional ways of learning 

Traditional ways of learning, for instance attending the brick and mortar institutes to gain knowledge are being replaced by the edtech solutions where students get to experience the benefits of digital classrooms and develop the skills and knowledge associated with technical education right from the comfort of their homes. Flexibility gets redefined as the factor of time does not stand as a barrier restricting the access to various course modules. The feature of interactivity when incorporated enables learners to communicate how far they have progressed. The edtech system of learning opens doors where intercommunication between learners coming from different backgrounds and this rich culture brings home ideas from around the world and it also enriches the experience of learning in a great way. 

That was something about the edtech system and how it has impacted the education system. We saw in brief how different platforms like online courses, virtual classrooms, gamification, use of interactive methods and tools of learning can foster the process of efficient learning. 

Final Thoughts 

Edtech is driving transformations in the field of education. Now getting trained and the process of developing skills can be taken care of right from the comfort of homes. This flexible process adds convenience to the concept of gaining knowledge which was not possible in the old days. You can always think of Weavers Web Solutions if you are looking for a company who would handle the development of your edtech software with utmost care.