Why is Google Analytics 4 Replacing UA – Universal Analytics for Digital Marketing Services?

In 2019, Google Analytics 4 was introduced as a replacement for Universal Analytics. Users could use default analytic properties on upgrading the new version until July 1, 2023. Some Google properties of Google will end in June 2024, and the replacement process will start in July 2024. Google Analytics 4 is built for digital marketing services.

What Do You Know about Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4, or GA4, is the latest version of the Google Analytics platform. It is not like its predecessor, Universal Analytics, or UA. It is an event-based platform that allows business owners to understand their audience. To manage marketing performance, the property aggregates the data with joint analysis.

Benefits of Google Analytics 4

Google Analytics 4 was designed to improve the privacy standard and solve other problems related to data collection. Google is updating the analytics on its platform of GA4 because of various reasons:

1: Data Privacy : Today, data privacy is a big factor, which is the main reason to switch to GA4. GA4 is shifting cookies with privacy protection for internet users. It is part of new or revised products from Google that address data privacy and regulations like GDPR, including Google Enhanced Conversion Tracking, Google Privacy Sandbox, Google Measurement Protocol, and Google Content Mode.

Privacy Features of Google Analytics 4  

2: AI and Machine Learning : GA4 also incorporates machine learning and AI that its predecessor. It is an actual necessity that is less than the add-on. The feature showcases statistical modelling, essential for filling the data gaps.

Machine learning is the main part of the data measurement, extrapolating existing data for various assumptions, such as user behaviour and site traffic. The new AI-powered feature intends to provide data for every digital marketing agency.

3: Mobile-Focused and Cross-Device : Google launched UA 10 years ago for customers and evolving audiences. Mobile web browsing overtook the desktop with cross-device functionalities. The analysis functions to deal with the cross-device set-up online. Compared to UA, Ga4 is cross-device and is for mobile-focused users.

4: GA4 Event Tracking : The most significant transformation between GA4 and UA is the introduction of an event-based model with the analysis of a session-based model. GA4 doesn’t focus on page views and sessions but categorises interaction based on the website. This has a single action based on adjusting and editing as per the tracked events.   

Difference Between Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4

There are various critical differences between UA and GA4 regarding the metrics and new menu addition. Take a look!

1: Event-Driven Data Model : UA had events, but they are different in GA4 now. It is more powerful than UA. An event tracks interaction with apps and websites, including CTA clicks, page views, or form submissions.

GA4 has a set of Automatically Collected Events based on Enhanced Measurement Events with Google Analytics for data management.     

2: New Dashboard : The users will be able to see the whole new dashboard on the optimisation of the previous one. There are some reports on the main page based on an updated version of the new menu bar that navigates the users to 

3: User-Centric Measurement : With the event-driven model, you can track engagement metrics such as engagement time, rates, and sessions. This model deals with the reflection and evolution of app and web metrics. Google Analytics 4 also focuses on the individuality of the users. The new user engagement has metrics based on the measurement level for conversions and interactions. This approach stands with the personalised experience of the individual’s preference. 

4: New Privacy Standards : Google Analytics 4’s privacy policies include more detailed data and control options. They are mainly designed to deal with the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The policy also supports user-centric data controls, data deletion, and various options to handle consent according to preferences.

5: More Controls and Power : As we know, Google Analytics 4 helps in digital marketing services. This is an important difference from Universal Analytics. The new version has other powerful features that help in conversion events. Digital marketers can easily create segments for conversion events based on the time period and location of the users’ behaviour.   

The Bottom Line

Technology is evolving day by day in an updated way. Everything that seemed like a booming future is the reality today. Therefore, it is time for every digital marketing agency to advertise and start a business for Google Analytics 4.