Traversing The Ways to Stay Fit in This Digital Era

People are now more concerned about their health like they have never been before and together with that the increased usage of mobile phones have led to a great many fitness and wellness apps being introduced in the market. These apps hold immense potential and they have transformed the very views which we had about maintaining good health, staying fit or about other wellness programs. Now monitoring the diet plans, tracking the very goals of fitness, or managing health conditions that are chronic ones are extremely easy. 

When staying fit is the priority

There has been tremendous competition between the gym centres and that of the workout or fitness apps. The fitness sector has benefited a lot as a result of technological advancement. Study reveals that there has been a sharp increase in the number of downloads of the health and fitness apps and this increase is the result of the trend associated with the online training practices to stay fit. Today a state of heightened consciousness is prevalent among the people and this revolves around staying fit both physically as well as mentally and this factor is triggering the growth of this market segment or more specifically the development of apps. 

The industry of fitness is booming

As per predictions made, the flourishing industry of fitness is going to have a net worth of around $100 billion by the time it is 2025. We have all used mobile apps for personal use, playing games or for engaging socially. However, technology today has progressed to a great extent and mobile apps have transformed the very ways in which we take care of our health. Now staying fit is a simple process and the custom fitness software development services have immense scope of growth in the present day market.

The magnetic impact

It was during the pandemic that the fitness apps gained importance and it has been since then that this industry is actually booming. Today maintaining good health is the top priority and people are seeking simple ways to accomplish this task which might seem daunting in the beginning. When followed in the right manner, it actually has a magnetic impact which pulls health enthusiasts to keep practising the effective rules everyday and systematically. Well, fitness apps have a lot to contribute in this respect. They perform a number of tasks and act as the fitness guide helping people do the needful to stay healthy and fit. 

Personalisation is the key to maintain good health 

Personalisation has become the general norm when it comes to rendering software services, so why should fitness apps be left behind? Personalisation could be defined in several ways. It could be that the app using machine learning algorithms could provide personalised recommendations or it could be that the fitness app provides personalised plans for exercises thus creating the need for exercise tracking software development solutions or guides the fitness enthusiast to follow the diet chart that is most suitable for the user. This is where diet planning app development solutions come into play.     

A few great accomplishments 

Weavers Web Solutions is a leading software development company, headquartered in Kolkata, India. It has developed software solutions that have benefited the fitness industry in a great way. Let us look at some of the intriguing solutions of this eminent company and how it helped the many fitness enthusiasts who eagerly wait for the creation of software solutions such as these. 

MyVictory – Catering to some unique needs

MyVictory – a platform that was developed keeping in mind the unique fitness requirements of the cancer survivors. There are a plethora of options available in the market revolving around fitness programs for the general population. However, there are hardly any platforms that cater to the special needs of the cancer survivors. They are that section of the population that demands special care and concern. Fitness classes are provided on demand and experienced trainers shoulder the responsibility to handle the fragile and delicate physical conditions of the cancer survivors. There is a tracker which helps the unique members to set goals and monitor them so that they actually achieve the same and as a  result boost their confidence in the process. In addition to providing fitness services, MyVictory provides a social platform which enables the unique users to share their experiences that they have gained in their journey to stay fit and also acquire inspiration from others. A great software solution indeed it is.

Litmethod – A simple way to stay fit

Litmethod was the fitness app that was developed that focused on exercises that had a lower impact as compared to high-intensity exercises. It so happens that there are innumerable apps that emphasise on high-intensity workouts and Litmethod was developed to highlight the fact that low impact creating exercises also have a definitive role to play. It could be that the high-intensity exercises could benefit fitness enthusiasts but often they also become the reason for many injuries and could also lead to wear and tear of the body parts. Litmethod aims to narrow this gap and provide a platform that gives users the reason to consider making the best use of exercises that were comparatively safer and also gave beneficial results. The overall well-being of the fitness enthusiasts is the main concern and that is achieved with the help of Litmethod where staying fit is possible with the help of exercises that create a low impact. Experts are providing efficient training and sessions can be chosen as per the requirements. That was an example of another brilliant fitness app. 

Another fitness guide

With Arrow Movement by your side, you can always develop healthy habits by means of exercises and the need to visit the gyms shall never arise again. 

The story of wearable technology

The technology associated with wearables is actually gaining popularity in the market. Fitness enthusiasts are utilising this technology which gives real-time information about their heart rate, their physical activities, and the patterns associated with their sleep. Integration of these wearables with the fitness software is becoming the trend which shall enable users to track the progress of their health and also constantly the health conditions. 

Personalised recommendations

The future of the fitness industry is quite bright with the technologies of AI and ML constantly undergoing transformations to benefit mankind in a great way. Accurate recommendations could be made catering to the unique needs of the users. 

The role of AR and VR

Augmented reality and virtual reality are the technologies that are determined to give immersive experiences to users. Whether they want a virtual coach or are looking forward to making the journey to stay fit enjoyable with the help of say games – everything shall be possible with the help of these technologies. 

Focusing on mental healthcare

There are several apps which are coming up to help people stay fit mentally. Mental health in recent times tops the priority list. People are in search of efficient therapies or other methods to have a fine mental state, which is extremely important to carry on with life in the perfect way. With respect to this context, it is good to mention here of a platform which has given a new name to mental healthcare, MoodRx. It tries to provide best mental healthcare  solutions by means of various approaches, assessments and so on. Thus we see another great piece of work from Weavers Web Solutions.  

In brief we traversed an entire world where the focus was on various software solutions that help people to stay fit and healthy. We also looked at some of the technologies that have created an impact over the different ways that are being embraced by people to stay healthy and fit. 

Final Thoughts

The fitness industry is actually booming and with people setting their priorities to stay fit makes it clear that this trend of using fitness apps shall foster the process of harnessing the power of technology and bring before mankind the best solutions that can possibly be there. Weavers Web Solutions is a company that excels in the development of fitness software solutions and you would surely not regret having this company as your project partner to develop your next fitness software solution.