A New Definition of Life – ‘Tele-Everything World’

The period post the pandemic is characterised by a number of changes. A majority of the experts think that there will be a number of changes that will sweep across the society making lives difficult for many as authoritarianism increases, inequality spreads its wings.

The Nature of the Pandemics

When pandemics hit our societies, they tend to create a heavy impact over the critical structures for instance the health sector, the economic life, and also the mundane life. Experts are of the saying that the roots of relation of the people with technology shall deepen as the majority percentage of the society become heavily dependent on digitisation which is gaining ground in the workplaces, in the healthcare as well as the education sector and also in the various platforms associated with social interactions and daily transactions. This world which is completely digitised is referred to as the ‘tele-everything’ world by a number.

The Positive Side

Changes have been foreseen that are expected to worsen the situation revolving around economic inequality as that elite section of the society who have access to digital tools shall outpace the section that do not have access to the technologies that are required to keep up with the fast-paced process of digitisation. On a positive note, the entire process shall lead to the enhancement of the quality of life for a number of families as well as workers. It would also lead to advancements in technology.

As per predictions, there shall be a rise in the occupations in the IT industry which includes developers and designers with the analysts bagging in the highest position. The technologies of virtual reality, quantum computing, artificial intelligence shall bring about significant transformations in the world.

The Factor of Digital Divide

The main goal should revolve around bridging the gaps that exist pertaining to the access of digital tools by the majority percentage of the population. In the US, steps are being taken to ensure that everyone gets a proper connection to the internet. Things should be kept in check to ensure that digital divide does not usher its impact over the real life scenario. People who do not have the facilities of broadband services might be neglected from opportunities like remote work, distant learning, and civic engagement that goes about on the online platforms.

The Advancements 

A recent survey was suggestive of the fact that the post-pandemic era would give rise to changes that would lead to social inequalities with more big corporations gaining control over the information technologies. Some say that the pandemic has led to yet another problem where the social order has got disrupted. With digitisation taking over the entire world, and more people are taking it to the online platforms to serve various needs like healthcare, education, work, the road to social isolation is easily getting paved. On the other hand, advances in technology like in the field of artificial intelligence, virtual reality, and smart cities are improving and making systems more productive.

The ‘Internet of Medical Things’

‘Internet of Medical Things’ was one of the many digital changes that had emerged as a result of what is known as ‘Tele-everything’. This brought with it new sensors as well as devices that showed new ways to monitor health. The industry of telemedicine witnessed immense growth post pandemic period in the era of the tele-everything world.

Brand New Patterns

As per predictions, the year 2025 shall see a greater number of people opting to work from home, the number of social interactions would increase but that would be virtual ones. The pandemic has increased the thirst among people to acquire smart gadgets and apps as well as systems. This shall create scope for the creation of new platforms for education and learning, a complete transformation in the patterns of work as well as the workplaces.


The tele-everything world is becoming the new normal post the pandemic period. The era will see new advancements in technology in the field of artificial intelligence, machine learning, virtual reality and many more to add to the list. The developments shall see marked changes in the lifestyle of people and there are both advantages and disadvantages to it.