How Low-Code and No-Code Platforms are Helping SaaS Development Teams Out

When it comes to software development, it generally implies having design and development teams to bring about a product that is worth the effort invested. However, the entire process could be a bit costly. 

Unveiling the Secrets of No-Code

When in a situation where there are no big teams, yet there is a requirement to build a SaaS product, it is where the no-code tools come into play. 

Non-developers can now develop web solutions and applications and development processes can now be automated by the use of a visual interface. Coding as well as technical skills shall not be required in this case.

No-Code Tools Popularity
                                                                                            The No-Code Tools are Gaining Much Popularity

With digital transformation making its progress, the no-code tools are also gaining much popularity. Both low-code and no-code tools can be considered to be new solutions that have been introduced to the IT industry. 

SaaS products that are developed using no-code do contain codes which are there in the no-code platform and in the embedded form and their creation happens in an automatic way well behind the scenes.   

The Working Facts

The exact working in such a type of development is somewhat like this. 

The No-Code Benefits

There are several benefits associated with the use of a no-code SaaS development process. 

The Low-Code Concept

Challenges revolve around development of applications in a fast and an efficient way most of the time. Low-code development is gaining traction in the market as software developers are on the lookout for ways to release their products by means of a faster process. This age where SaaS products that are powered by cloud seem to be playing a dominating role, developers who are experts in the field of SaaS development are also considering the convenient possibilities of rapid software development that takes into account minimum coding requirements and that is none other than but with the help of low-code platforms.

The Low-Code Platform
                                                 The Low-Code Platform

The process of development of applications can now be simplified, made more user-friendly as well as swift and all this is meant particularly for the development environment that is operating out today.

Some Low-Code Benefits

Here are some key benefits of using low-code development platforms 

In the Real-World Scenario

Low-code platforms find use in the development of applications which are used for various processes like automated marketing, processing of data associated with finance and also for processes that are related to onboarding as well as recruitment. Hence in a way low-code platforms help businesses out as they perform their mundane internal operations.

Implementation of The Low-Code Tools
                                                           Implementation of The Low-Code Tools in The Real World is Being of Real Help

Low-code tools find use in the development of IoT enabled applications where integration is required with a number of systems as well as end points and this includes smart sensors, automobiles as well as various systems used for communication purposes. Low-code platforms can be used to integrate with IoT platforms that exist already to build mobile and web applications. Integration with third-party service providers can be done to serve several purposes of which real-time traffic is one. 

Briefing it out

Thus we saw in brief how no-code and low-code tools are helping business organisations serve a plethora of purposes. It saves time as the need to write multiple lines of code does not arise. There are several other reasons as to why the IT industry is getting benefited from the use of low-code and no-code tools. Developers from around the world are preferring the use of these two concepts. 

On an ending note   

Low-code and no-code tools and platforms are transforming the very ways in which software is being developed. A number of SaaS companies that are in the process of growing are shifting their focus to low-code and no-code development for the purpose of building software products which also includes various applications. Cross platform compatibility, time saving processes are some of the many benefits that these platforms offer.

When The Codes Play Foul, It is Mankind That Gets Affected The Most

Technology has transformed our lives to a great extent. Smart technologies today help students as well as scholars to extract information in almost no time for the purpose of their study, anybody in a new place could make use of GPS to track location and the problem of getting lost is no longer there, now the very process of diagnosis is enhanced to an extent that was probably not possible a few decades ago and also there are online shopping and banking facilities available, thanks to the technological advancements. 

The Growing Concerns

Looking at The Other Side of Digitisation

But there are some concerns which need to be addressed and the problems are proliferating with the time. 

The Extent to Which Hackers can Go

Next in line, we have 

Some Real-Life Instances 

The number of vulnerable devices is increasing with the continuous expansion of the digitised world. 

Cybercrimes are increasing in number because companies are going online and they are doing little to deal with cybersecurity issues.

Looking The Economic Way

Study reveals the fact that the GDP of the countries where innovative inventions drive the economic growth could be affected to a great extent

This was all about the global scenario of what had happened and what could happen as a result of the malicious activities of the hackers. The increase in the number of connected devices and the lack of in-built security features could add to the problem. Moreover in this world where digitisation is playing an active part and everything from business to shopping to payments is going online, a widened scope is being created for the cybercriminals. 

Final Note

We got a brief view of the past incidents, the present situation and the future occurrences that might take place as  result of the fraudulent activities of the cybercriminals. We should be more careful about the devices that are connected, that is to say the IoT devices and keep an eye out while handling the financial dealings, that could save the world to some extent.

Unveiling The True Essence of Digital Transformation

Blockchain today finds use in a number of applications and it is one of the most prominent technologies to be used in the past in the last decade. The fusion of the technologies of blockchain and IoT together with the artificial intelligence can lead to the formation of smart systems. 

AI and Blockchain

Maintaining records accurately and processing the data that the blocks store are blockchain’s primary objectives. Identification of patterns, in the process of making efficient decisions, are some of the areas where artificial intelligence finds use. With artificial intelligence being integrated in blockchain, it would mean making improvements on the data accuracy and also aid in the process of making decisions particularly during the post processing of transactions. In order to make decisions that are effective, accurate timing and genuine information are essential requisites for the system that is driven by AI. 

Taking A Step Forward 

IoT, blockchain and artificial intelligence are the leading technologies that are taking digital transformation a step ahead. Organisations today are taking initiatives to move along and stay at par by driving the most happening digital transformation. 

The Role of IoT

IoT helps to connect the mundane objects as well as devices and helps in the collection and sharing of data. Operations are made more efficient, processes can now be automated and all this happens because of the boon of IoT. Now starting from optimisation of supply chains and tracking of products in real time, creation of ecosystems in the connected form that plays an active part in improving productivity and in delivering experiences that are personalised ones are all possible. 

Blockchain in Full Swing

Blockchain makes transactions secure and less prone to fraudulent activities and this is done by the elimination of intermediaries, making transactions more transparent. Also records are maintained in a decentralised manner, and integrity of data is enhanced. Much like IoT, blockchain also holds the potential to bring about revolutionary changes to the realm of management of supply chain and its various operations. Not just that, blockchain also holds the potential to bring about transparency and efficiency in the different financial transactions. 

The Power of AI/ML

The power of artificial intelligence and machine learning can be felt as it helps organisations to make the best use of data available, by the automation of processes, and by helping to gain insights that hold much value. Analysis of enormous amounts of data, pattern identification and bringing about accuracy in predictions can be achieved with the help of the algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning.  

Unlocking Some True Potential

The true essence of digital transformation is brought forward when the technologies of IoT, blockchain and artificial intelligence and machine learning come together and perform their parts in a harmonious manner. Generation of data can be done by IoT. This storing and sharing of the data so collected can be done by blockchain. The remaining decision making part can be achieved with the help of the algorithms of artificial intelligence and machine learning which does extract useful insights and creates scope for further improvements. 

Industries starting from healthcare to logistics are experiencing strong impacts as a result of the combined effect of the technologies of IoT, blockchain and artificial intelligence and machine learning. Companies offering Digital Transformation Services are in great demand in the market.  Some happening examples could be that of the smart cities which are coming up, personalisation of the healthcare facilities and the efficient operations that are gaining traction in the logistics industry.  

Final Note

Opportunities that are still to be exploited can be unlocked by using the power of these three combined technologies. A fine edge over competition can now be achieved and customers could be given experiences that have never been there before by the virtue of the much coveted digital transformation.

How is The World of Digital Marketing Changing with Time?

The realm of digital marketing is subject to constant changes and in order to stand out from the crowd, it is important to keep pace with the happening trends in the market. 

The Brand New Ways

The Role of AI

The world could expect to witness a number of revolutionary changes with respect to digital marketing. Coming to artificial intelligence and machine learning, we see that these technologies are bringing about important transformations in the various operations of businesses and in a way they are also impacting the very approaches marketers have to digital marketing. Personalization of customer experiences and automation of tasks creates more scope for marketers to concentrate on other crucial strategies. 

A Digital Marketing Company that renders efficient digital marketing services and that which helps businesses maximise sales is what the need of the hour is.

A little about GA4

Google Analytics 4 (GA4) comes with a set of features or Analytics Intelligence that makes use of machine learning models of Google for the purpose of analysing the data and for predicting the actions that could be taken in future by the end users. 

Voice Search Optimization

Voice search optimization is a happening trend and businesses need to focus on it to ensure the progress of sales. Around one-third of the total population of the US are in possession of smart speaker devices. The technology associated with voice recognition enables the users of the smart devices to make searches effectively by simply making use of their voices. 

Content That Leaves A Mark

Interactive content in the form of quizzes, games as well as surveys is gaining popularity as a means of creating engagement with their valuable customers or audience and gives businesses an opportunity to gain significant insights revolving around their customers. Creation of an experience that is more interactive helps build long-lasting relationships with customers and brand experiences get created that leaves behind indelible marks on the minds of the customers. 

Taking Care of Moments

Micro-moments are being focussed on by businesses as the use of mobile phones and with it the quick searches are constantly on the rise. Micro-moments are moments when consumers demand information almost immediately and businesses are shouldering the responsibility to provide that bit of information precisely at that point of time or in that exact moment. 

Another Form of Marketing

Next, we have Influencer Marketing in line that is gaining ground in the world of digital marketing. 

As per statistical study, 

Weavers Web Solutions is a leading name when it comes to offering value-added digital marketing services. We are a premier Digital Marketing Agency and we develop digital marketing strategies that are sure to bring you more conversions. 

The Impact of Video Content

Video content happens to be a dominating form of content in recent times on the internet.

Social Media Advertising

Social media advertising is yet another tool and its use is growing at a constant rate. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn are the different platforms that are being used for the purpose of reaching the target audience and for driving conversions. 

These were some of the trends that we got a brief overview about and there are many more which are beyond the scope of this blog. So we limit ourselves to this and keep following us to know more about the remaining trends.    

Final Note

Digital marketing is a field that is gaining traction in the market and businesses all over the world are beginning to understand its importance and therefore leveraging it to attain maximum profit in their business. This blog discusses some and there are still more that would be discussed further in future.

Having An Edge Over Competitors And Having Happy Customers Shall Now Be An Easy Task For Businesses

DevOps helps to accelerate the delivery of software that is of higher quality by enabling the combination as well as automation of different teams like that of software development and IT operations. An agile software development life-cycle leads to businesses having an edge over competition as a  result of which businesses tend to have happy customers. 

What Does It Take into Account?

DevOps is associated with the collaboration as well as coordination between various roles that were formerly siloed and that involves,

DevOps culture together with tools as well as practices are taken up for the purpose of

DevOps assists teams to provide value added services to customers and this is achieved by delivering products that define high degree of reliability as well as refined quality. 

The Life Cycle

The DevOps lifecycle begins with the development phase of the software, and it continues through to the delivery, maintenance as well as security phases. The different stages associated with the lifecycle are as follows:

The Adoption Impacts 

Upon adoption of the culture of DevOps together with the tools and practices, wonders are achieved. 

The Role of DevSecOps

Security happens to have become an intrinsic part of the lifecycle of software development. DevSecOps makes it a point to see to it that the DevOps team gets a clear understanding about the requirements associated with security and compliance right from the scratch of the development of application and hence are in a state to protect the software integrity in an efficient way. In short, security testing is integrated at each stage of the process of software development and the practice is referred to as DevSecOps which stands for development, security and operations. 

The Message That Got Conveyed

That was something about DevOps or the combination of development and operations to ensure that efficiency is increased and also the security factor associated with the software development is enhanced and faster delivery is ensured as compared to traditional methods. 

Final Note

It could be concluded that the merging of the development team and the operation team, which is in short DevOps, and is an organisational approach fosters faster application development and also the deployments that are in the existing phase can be easily maintained. The future shall see changes in the various usage of tools and strategies of an organisation, however the very motive behind the concept shall remain the same.

Unblocking The Dormant Potential of Email Marketing

Email can be used as a marketing tool in a strategic way and this could be used for the purpose of communication with potential customers and also for the promotion of products, brand messages and also services and this is what email marketing is with respect to digital marketing. Commercial messages, informative content or even newsletters could be sent in to individuals directly who have expressed their interest in the concerned business. 

Playing A Major Role

With the help of email marketing, relationships with potential customers can be established as well as nurtured by ensuring that personalised content that is also relevant is delivered to the inboxes directly. A wider base of customers can be reached and communication can be maintained regularly with them. Also email marketing is capable of driving suitable actions like creation of engagement with brand content, making service subscriptions and so on. 

From a broader perspective of digital marketing, email marketing has a significant role to play which revolves around enhancement of other strategies of marketing. We explore in this article the powerful impact of email marketing that drives business growth and ensures overall success of marketing. By making the best use of email marketing, businesses could achieve astounding results. Email marketing could be considered to be a digital marketing service that helps to drive in potential leads.   

E-mail Global Communications Connection Social Networking Concept

The Power of Content

Content that is highly personalised can be delivered to subscribers via email marketing. Email lists can be segmented on the basis of preferences of customers, their behaviours and even demographics and accordingly messages can be tailored to specific groups. Personalisation gives a boost to engagement and this happens because it gives a sense of being valued to the customers as they receive content that matches their interest. This in turn leads to a rise in the click-through rates and also the conversions.

Interactive as well as dynamic content can be used to seek the valuable attention of the customers and it would encourage them in taking relevant action. Videos, GIFs, polls and surveys can be used for the purpose of enhancement of the user experience, generation of the ever-valued feedback and also for fostering the process of interaction.

Integration with The Social Media

Email marketing can be integrated with social media and this ensures a better reach and a  greater impact of the marketing campaigns. Social media links or buttons can be included in the emails, creating scope for sharing content on the different platforms of social media. This fosters a sense of engagement among the subscribers.

When A/B Testing Comes Into Action

A/B testing helps in the optimisation of the email campaigns and this goes about with comparisons being made between variations and understanding which is more preferable or suits the consumers. Subject lines can be tested and so can the call-to-action links or buttons and these would provide important insights  for optimisations to be made in future. Various metrics associated with email campaigns could be analysed like conversion rates, click-through rates and that would create scope for further improvements and refinement of strategies.

Final Words

A powerful tool like email marketing helps facilitate personalised engagement with the target audience. The full potential of email marketing when unlocked could mean great news for business as it would bring in remarkable results in terms of business profit. When done in the proper way, testing and optimisation could deliver great results. Email marketing has a lot to give to business and the dormant impacts shall amplify when the processes are carried out in the right manner.


Ethics To Play An Important Role In The Use Of AI

Just because we can doesn’t mean we should and this is applicable when it comes to dealing with artificial intelligence. It so happens that our dependence on AI in our mundane lives is increasing with each passing day and we tend to overlook the threat it could pose to mankind. It might seem far-fetched but what if AI has some destructive effects over humanity. It is high time that we consider the steps that need to be taken to bring about the ethical development and we should also not forget to learn from the mistakes made in the past and that is how we shall be able to get a proper forecast of the future. 

The World and AI

Looking behind, we see that AI has gained enough popularity in the industry. Google and Facebook are taking steps forward in dealing with the advancements associated with machine learning. The world is witnessing innumerable changes with respect to artificial intelligence and machine learning. Yet we are not anywhere close to do anything about the concerns revolving around AI ethics. 

There are companies who are making use of the technology of artificial intelligence without having any kind of ethical guidelines which would take care of situations where the machine knows more than we humans understand. Hence it becomes essential to initiate the process of understanding the problems whenever the above mentioned situation arises and begin the process to protect humanity from being destroyed by artificial intelligence. 

It is important to discover ways and means to take care of the fact that AI does not begin to threaten human lives. Several systems based on AI like facial recognition are being used in the different sectors of which healthcare is one but it is not known what impacts the technology shall have on mankind in future. 

The Advancement Factor

With the continuous advancement of the technologies, our responsibilities to protect humanity should also have that advancement factor in it. It is crucial that we take ethical decisions in relation to our work, which could be in matters of research and development and ensure that machines and humans are just in their right states to perform their respective duties.     

The Importance of having the Control in Hand 

It is now for the first time that the power of processing data just like humans do is being given to machines by the technology of artificial intelligence. The pace at which machine learning is making progress is well beyond imagination. This could be kind of scary if the controls are not in the hands of us humans. 

The Controversy

AI has a lot of good things to give to the world like it is helping healthcare professionals to diagnose diseases, bringing innovations in the field of driving cars and also rendering helping hands in various other fields.    

Hence it is a debatable topic when it comes to AI. Decades have passed and people have continued with their argument about the impacts of AI on human lives and also the future of AI. In recent times, there have been many debates revolving around the way to ethically handle artificial intelligence.  

Final Thoughts

Ethics happens to be an essential part of human society. Similarly it should play the same important role in the world of technology and particularly AI. It becomes necessary to implement ethics in the execution of AI technology and ensure that we humans control machines and that the reverse does not become true in reality.

Generative AI Brings In Significant Transformations To The Pharmaceutical Industry

There have been rapid transformations in the recent past amidst industries. Right from manufacturing to healthcare, AI has brought in revolutionising changes in different operations. The pharmaceutical industry has been benefited to a great extent by the use of AI particularly in the field of drug discovery as well as development. Our focus in this blog shall revolve around the various uses of Generative AI in the pharmaceutical industry.

The ‘What’ and ‘How’ of Generative AI

Generative AI is all about the use of algorithms for the purpose of generation of new data. The algorithm gives the output on the basis of the input that it receives. The input can be in the form of text or even images as well as chemical structures. A machine learning subset, generative AI makes use of neural networks for the purpose of learning patterns that are there in the input data and generates new data that has similarity with the input data. In the pharmaceutical industry and specifically in the field of drug discovery and development, generative AI has been a boon. Drug discovery gets accelerated with the help of generative AI and this happens with the generation of new molecules that have specific properties and all this leads to the development of drugs in an efficient and faster way.

AI in Pharma Industry Generative AI and Drug Discovery 

Drug discovery happens to be a complex process that is also time consuming. This process is associated with the screening of innumerable compounds for the purpose of identification of the drug candidates that hold the potential for further development. These molecules can then be used for the purpose of targeting particular diseases or specific conditions and also can undergo further optimization for being more efficient as well as safe.

Fresh and new chemical compounds could be synthesised that have never been there before. New drug discovery, that is what it could lead to and facilitate treatment of diseases that in the present times have no cure.

Innovative Combination of Drugs

With the identification of the drug candidate that holds potential, the step that follows it involves lead optimization where the structure of the drug molecule undergoes modification revolving around various properties of which efficacy is one. Generative AI could be of some help here. Generation of molecules holding similarity with the lead compounds but with enhanced properties is possible with Generative AI.

Making New Improvements 

Drug repurposing involves the identification of new uses for drugs that are already in use. Generative AI helps in the generation of molecules that are related to the drugs in use but have different properties. These new molecules could be used in the treatment of other diseases after undergoing tests to prove its potentiality.

Meeting Specific Needs

Personalised medicine is an upcoming area where treatments could be tailored to meet individual requirements of patients considering the genetics and other features. Personalised drugs could be designed that have been optimised for specific populations of patients using generative AI. Outcomes of treatment could be improved and generative AI could help reduce the side effects of drugs by the generation of new molecules that have been tailored to individual characteristics of patients.

So we saw how generative AI could help the pharmaceutical industry in the development of drugs and also in making significant improvements in the treatment of different diseases and the healthcare industry as a whole.

Final Note

The dual combination of Generative AI and pharmaceutical industry seems to have a promising future. The field of drug development and discovery is immensely benefited by this technology.

The Wonders That Technology Can Do Was Once Again Proved By Apple With Vision Pro Being Launched

Beyond the veil, the world witnesses yet another extraordinary innovation unfurling its wings and technology advancement experiences yet another milestone in this brilliant journey where the scope to excel keeps expanding everyday and second.

Vision Pro – The Fine Blending

Human thinking has no bounds and when used in the right way it holds the potential to create wonders and that is exactly what has happened when Apple introduced the all new Apple Vision Pro. It is a spatial computer which exemplifies a flawless and smooth blending of content that is present digitally and the natural world where users can stay connected with others present in the real world. Boundless space to fit in your apps, giving you the liberty to have the workspace you probably had dreamt of. Vision Pro brings with it an user interface that is three dimensional and the control lies in the power of the most innate and natural inputs that can be there, that is to say, a user’s hands, voice and also eyes. VisionOS or the very first spatial operating system that was introduced to the world facilitates fine interaction with the digital content so that it gives the very feeling of the content being right there in the physical space. 23 million pixels forms a part of the display system that has an ultra-high resolution and a priceless experience of everything happening in front of the eyes of the user and that too in real time is gained.

Spatial Computing Enters The Field

Apple Vision Pro marks the dawn of an era which is to be characterised by spatial computing. It holds in store remarkable experiences for the users. Ground-breaking ideas brought powerful features to life with which users get to connect with different apps in a new way, revive as well as capture memories and get entertained in the most innovative way.

visionOS – The New Name in The OS Environment

The three-dimensional interface that is featured by visionOS does not confine apps to the limit of a traditional display and they come up side by side which could be at any scale. Multitasking is easy with Apple Vision Pro and that increases produc

tivity. Magic Keyboard and Magic Trackpad ensures that users get to set up the perfect workspace and have a huge, handy and private 4K display where the capabilities of Mac can be integrated.

Smart Resolution

Now you can have your own movie theatre with Vision Pro’s displays whose resolution is not just high but ultra-high and a screen that gives a feeling of being stretched up to 100 feet wide with a spatial audio system that is highly advanced.

New Gaming Ideas

Spatial computing opens up a brand new world for gamers where they get to immerse themselves in innovative games and the size of screens could be made as per their choice with captivating audio and support is also provided revolving around the game controllers.

New Gaming Ideas

Camera and Audio Doing Their Job

The first three-dimensional camera just came into light with Apple Vision Pro being the happening reason behind it. Capture the moments or revive them and all this happens with immersive Spatial Audio. Every video takes the user back down the memory lanes . Photos and videos can be viewed on the perfect scale that could be a life-size one and with colours that represent brilliancy and minutest details are covered.

The AppStore

There is an App Store which comes with Vision Pro with the help of which users can get access to a number of apps and use them in an efficient way and there lies an enormous amount of scope that remains untapped and creates brand new experiences revolving around apps.

An Innovative Design Indeed

The design of visionOS was meant to meet up with the requirements of spatial computing that were associated with low latency. What the world got is an operating system that is revolutionising the computing ecosystem. Browsing through apps is now simple and this can be done only by looking at them, finger tapping for selection, wrist flicking for scrolling and using one’s voice for the purpose of dictating. EyeSight, an exceptional innovation, enables users to remain connected with people present around them. It so happens that when a user is engrossed in some environment or is busy working with some app, EyeSight provides visual signals revolving around the object of the user’s focus to others.

A bundle of astonishing technology presented in a compact form, that is what Apple VisionPro is all about. Apple silicon is powering all the pioneering innovations in a dual-chip design. M2 does its part and enhances performance while R1 chip is responsible for processing input cameras, sensors, microphones and makes sure to generate the feeling as if the whole content comes in front of the eyes of the user and that too in real time.

The Way Beyond

That was something about some groundbreaking innovation. Spatial computing sets off in the right direction with Apple Vision Pro and the world waits to see more with further advancements that are to give mankind some more of its technological wonders. Vision Pro is all set to make its mark as it makes place in the hearts of the billions.

The Technology with the X-factor – Quantum Computing

Quantum computers are in the process of being developed by some of the leading technology companies like Google, Amazon and also IBM. There is an urgent need to develop quantum computers as there are hardly any except Google’s Sycamore computer. It is believed that quantum computing shall be the century’s most significant as well as coveted technology.

The Technology Behind

Quantum technology is that which promises to bring with it new scope and opportunities that will redefine our future possibilities. Unlike classical computing, quantum computing is different in its way of functioning. Quantum computing uses quantum bits for calculations and storage of information. A qubit is one that can handle complex problems and large calculations that modern-day powerful supercomputers are unable to deal with.

The Industries that Benefits from Quantum Computing

Quantum computing holds the power to boost up the technology behind artificial intelligence, face the challenges of complex problems on optimization, and throw light over the processes associated with chemical as well as molecular interactions. Technological advancements like quantum computing pave the way for new discoveries in the scientific world, create scope in the pharmaceutical world and lead to the making of life saving drugs. It could also bring about improvements in the field of finance and logistics and supply chain processes.

The Encryption Factor

The modern day techniques of encryption might be at risk due to the fact that quantum computing is capable enough to break the codes of encryption and this might put the national security at risk. Confidential data associated with the defence of the country can easily be decrypted and this might pose a serious threat to the country’s security. Therefore it is necessary to enhance the encryption techniques.

India and Quantum

It is the need of the hour for India to gear up and take necessary steps to keep up with the technological advancements that are taking place round the world revolving around quantum technology.

Recent initiatives by the government of India in the field of quantum computing included setting up of projects and programs to deal with the rapidly growing industry of quantum technology.

The Quantum Information Science and Technology program looks forward to bringing in new developments to foster the process of progress associated with the advancement of the technology of quantum computing.

Another program in line is the National Mission on Quantum Technologies and Applications which aims for the development of quantum computers with sensors, quantum clocks, and a quantum communication system that is a highly secured one. Quantum key distribution (QKD) systems shall also be included which will turn long distance quantum communication into reality by making use of QKD in satellites as well as fibres. A quantum computing laboratory has been set up by the Indian Army together with an AI centre in Madhya Pradesh. The government of India has plans to make huge investments for the purpose of building quantum technologies. There are instances where it can be seen that India is moving slowly but steadily to match its steps with those of the international players surrounding the development of the technology of quantum.

The World and Quantum

Worldwide developments are taking place to take the technology of quantum computing a step further ahead. Aerospace engineering, prediction of weather, secure and safe communications, cyber security, manufacturing in an advanced level, financial transactions, agriculture and also health are the different sectors where India hopes to bring in breakthroughs so far the technology of quantum computing is concerned. US, UK, Japan all have started on their journey to boost up programs in quantum computing.


Quantum computing is the talk of the hour and the entire world is taking the necessary steps to stay ahead in the process of progressive development of quantum computing. Though in the nascent stages, quantum computing hopes to bring in breakthroughs in the scientific world by its power of solving complex problems which traditional computing fails to achieve.


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